8 Year-Old Boy Pays Off School Lunch Debt After Seeing Friend Refused Hot Lunch

They say that the only time we should look at our neighbor’s bowl is to make sure that they have enough. An 8-year-old student in Challenger Elementary Michigan, is a living example that it is not hard to apply this wise saying in our life. Cayden Taipalus, a third grader student from Michigan, looks forward to eating lunch at the school’s cafeteria together with his friends just like the other students of his age. Sadly, what should have been an enjoyable lunch turned sour when his friend was denied of having a hot lunch. Apparently, his friend does not have sufficient money on his fund and the only thing he can afford for lunch is a cheese sandwich.

According to Amber Melke-Peters. Cayden’s mom, the kind-hearted boy went home dejected and frustrated about what he had witnessed in the cafeteria. Seeking guidance from his mother, Cayden asked Amber what he can do in order to help his friend be able to eat a satisfying lunch every school day. It was then that Amber and Cayden came up with a brilliant plan. The mother and son created a fundraising which they called, Pay It Forward: No Kids Goes Hungry.

This charity website aims to raise money in order to pay off the debts of his friend’s lunches so he would never be denied of a hot lunch ever again. Cayden then asked his family, friends, and neighbors if they can pitch in some money for his good cause. If you are thinking that that is the end of Cayden’s selfless and compassionate story, then you are in for touching surprise. In order to further be of help to his friend, Cayden went around his neighbor to collect things that he could recycle and sell. The young Samaritan did this in order to be able to donate money for his friend as well.

Once Cayden reached the amount of money he needed, he immediately paid his friend’s lunch debts. Not only, the kind-hearted 8-year old student also added fund to his friend’s lunch account so he would always have a fulfilling meal to eat during lunch. In total, Cayden has raised nearly $7,000 which he used to purchase hot lunches for more than 300 students who do not have sufficient fund to avail a warm school lunch. Cayden says that he is planning to continue his good cause so that no student would ever have to worry about lunch again.

“I am so very proud of my son,” Amber proudly said, happy that she was able to raise a child with an empathetic and generous heart. “He is only 8 years old and to grasp the concept around this is just amazing in my eyes. He has a heart of gold.” As it turned out, Amber was not the only one who is proud of Cayden’s accomplishment. In fact, all of the teaching and non-teaching staff of the Challenger Elementary School were moved by Cayden’s initiative to do something to ensure that his friends won’t be hungry anymore.

Watch the touching video below showing the incredible feat an 8-year-old student was able to accomplish just so his friend would never be denied of a hot lunch ever again! May Cayden’s golden heart remind us that we are responsible for each other!

<iframe width=”653″ height=”473″ src=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/ULd2uHXRiSs” title=”Simple act of kindness: student pays off school lunch debt” frameborder=”0″ allow=”accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture; web-share” allowfullscreen></iframe>






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