Gives baby a baby to all passengers before your baby’s first plane trip

Babies screaming at the top of their lungs, every traveler’s worst nightmare. Almost no one wants to be around a baby eep fly. There is no reason to miss it, we all know it, many of us have experienced it at some point and it is quite comfortable. I have my little daughter and I particularly remember the trip in which I was super happy, my little girl had behaved wonderfully; everything was going smoothly… Until my child later became dizzy and began to vomit.

Immediately after, all the kids that were there got sick and did the same thing. Fûe terrible. As a mother I know how difficult it can be for little ones to travel and how you can tolerate it by some people. They believe that he has to “hold his baby to his side,” as if the baby and his parents have the right to travel. But the couple picked up solitude, if not so that their baby would have had a quiet trip; at least so that the passenger next to him would feel so irritated.

This couple of parents gave a gift bag to the passenger next to them to apologize in advance for what could happen during the hours of flight. A Reddit user made his post that for him, sitting next to his baby and his last flight was the most pleasant surprise of the trip,

All faith thanks to the gesture of his parents. The parents of little Madelipe prepared an “Emergency kit to travel with my baby”, the idea was that the girl gave it to the people who had to sit by her side. DaPaυs ChaPG was headed to the city of Miami on a business trip, because he had slept well and was a little more grυñó than usual, according to what he himself says in his public. He repeatedly realizes that the passenger next to him was the little baby.

His mood got drastically worse. “Of all the speedy passengers you can touch next to, I definitely liked the idea of ​​sitting next to the cried baby.” This is how he wrote the email that sent the news to share his story. “I felt like the stereotypical evil businessman,” he grumbled. But his love gave a complete turnaround when the parents of the little girl began to distribute “Travel Kits” for everyone who was close to them. The package was wrapped in a transparent bag with the following name:

The little bag included soft goals, some chocolate bombos with caramel, earplugs and the tender sweet potato from Madeliпe. Chaпg affirms that this small gesture changed the entire atmosphere of the flight. “It was like a scene taken from the Gripch who stole Christmas, he was sitting there and I couldn’t help but smile, I looked around and at least 8 people were smiling too”.

It took me a while to get the photo on Reddit, just before takeoff, with the title: “Oops baby I just got this on my flight and I’m so upset.” The photo attracted comments that it was already on the front page of Reddit by the time the plane landed. Before getting off the plane, Chapg approached the couple to thank them and explain how much that gesture had meant to him.

< He also told them that his photo was attracting a lot of comments. The couple seemed pleased but diverted all attention to little Madeli, who Chap says “She was adorable.” And actually I find it very funny that we have to apologize for the children basically doing “child things”.

But anyway, this gesture seems to me to be a very tender and considerate courtesy on the part of parents. Not everyone understands children in the same way and we can decide who we have next to and see it. What we can do is prepare with what our little one may need, distractions and activities and take things in the best possible way. Share this nice gesture with all your friends, really there are parents who take 10.






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