Mum’s distress as ‘baby sent home twice from Royal Stoke hospital’ before large brain tumour found

A mother has said her eight-month-old baby was deemed “fit and healthy” by medical practitioners before they spotted she had a large brain tumour. Chloe Wright-Stanford said medics told her there was “nothing wrong” with her daughter Esmai Stubbs even after the eight-month-old began to suffer 60 seizures a day.

Esmai, from Meir Heath, was found to have a tumour the size of a grapefruit growing in her skull. Ms Wright-Stanford said: “I ended up going back to A&E the next night and the doctor said to go home and wait for the referral letter to come through. “He said he wouldn’t be sending a seven-month-old baby home if he didn’t think she was fit and healthy and told me not to worry.”

She added: “But I knew my baby wasn’t well and I asked if he could do something, but he said there was nothing wrong with her.” Doctors told Ms Wright-Stanford her daughter would be referred to a consultant within 10 to 14 days. The seizures began on Tuesday, October 5, but it wasn’t until the toddler’s third visit to A&E on Thursday, October 7, that she finally underwent a CT scan after her mum insisted on more tests.






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