Rich Grandma Mocks Poor Grandma on Boy’s B-Day until He Opens Their Gifts – Story of the Day

When Tim began opening his presents after his birthday celebration, his wealthy grandmother asked him to open hers first. She expected it to be the best, unaware that her grandson would value an old, used item over her $10,000 gift. “Why did you leave so soon?” Adam wondered as tears trickled down his cheeks. He could feel a heaviness in his heart that he had never felt before looking at his grandfather’s grave.

He could see some of his family members crying at the funeral while others silently said their prayers. The 14-year-old boy had never experienced such grief all his life. Standing before his grandfather’s grave, Adam recalled all the good times he spent with him.

The teenager loved visiting his grandparents after school, and he couldn’t wait for the weekend because he knew they would go fishing. Adam’s grandfather had made it a tradition to go fishing every Saturday, instilling a love for this activity in the boy’s heart.

While thinking about his late grandfather, Adam pictured how the old man held the fishing rod between his hands, not allowing anyone to touch it. Adam always saw the rod from afar and was fascinated by his grandfather’s initials engraved on it. “He loved you and spending time with you more than anything in this world!” Amanda’s voice interrupted Adam’s thoughts. “I lost my husband, and you lost a true friend.”

Adam wrapped his arms around his grandmother’s back and rested his head on her shoulder. He believed she was the only one who understood how heartbroken he felt by the loss of his grandfather. While Amanda and Adam grieved together, the teenager’s other grandmother, Kira, interrupted them. “Hey, Adam!” she exclaimed. “Don’t be sad, honey. Let’s go grab some delicious pizza!”

Kira was a wealthy woman who lost her husband a long time ago. After his demise, she took over his business and lived a luxurious life, affording whatever she wanted. “Leave me alone!” Adam rolled his eyes at Kira. “I want to spend some time remembering Grandpa. I don’t want to have pizza!” Adam stomped towards the exit, wiping tears off his cheeks. He left the funeral and went to his late grandfather’s house, where he sat in the garage and recalled how they prepared to fish every weekend.

“I miss you so much, Grandpa!” Adam said, shaking his head in despair. “I wish I could go fishing with you one last time!” He felt strange because he knew Amanda would never miss his birthday celebration.
Adam spent the entire evening in his late grandfather’s garage, looking at his collection of fishing ropes. Everything in the garage reminded him of his beloved grandfather―the man who taught him so many life lessons at a young age.

A few days later… Adam struggled to open his eyes as he heard his phone ring on his bedside table. “Who’s calling me so early in the morning?” he said and extended his arm to grab his phone. It stopped ringing when he picked it up, but the date on the screen reminded him that it was his birthday. He was happy to turn fifteen, but his grandfather’s absence made him sad. Adam would cut his birthday cake every year at his grandfather’s house, but fate didn’t allow him to continue the tradition. Now he just wanted to stay in bed instead of celebrating his birthday.

Then he heard Kira’s voice outside his room. “What’s she doing here?” he wondered before opening his bedroom door. It turned out that Kira had arranged a grand birthday party for him. She had invited his favorite band to perform at the party, and one of the best event management companies took care of the decor. “Come on, Adam!” Kira exclaimed. “Everyone’s waiting for you outside! Go get ready for your birthday party!”

Adam quickly went inside his room and wore his favorite clothes. Kira’s excitement made Adam forget about his grief for a while. He was delighted to learn that his friends and family were waiting for him outside the house and that he would meet his favorite musicians.

The teenager couldn’t stop smiling when he saw the beautiful decor. He had always dreamt of celebrating his birthday like that, and Kira had fulfilled his wish. “Thank you so much!” Adam said, hugging Kira. “Everything is so beautiful! I can’t believe you invited my favorite band to perform live!”  “I’m so glad you love everything, sweetheart.” Kira smiled and patted her grandson’s back.“Nothing’s more important to me than your happiness!”

A few minutes later, Adam realized all his friends and family, except Amanda, were at the party. He felt strange because he knew Amanda would never miss his birthday celebration. “Oh, I forgot to invite her,” Kira lied when Adam asked where Amanda was. “I’m so sorry, honey.”

Adam knew his wealthy grandmother was lying. He was sure Kira didn’t invite Amanda because of her weak financial status. The teenager was aware of how Kira’s mind worked. He knew she didn’t like that he was too close to Amanda. “I know you didn’t invite Grandma on purpose!” Adam sneered. “I’ll call and invite her right away!”

“It’s not what you think!” Kira tried to defend herself. “Listen to me, Adam!” Kira helplessly watched her grandson stomp inside the house to call Amanda. “Why can’t he live without that poor, filthy woman?” Kira thought and rolled her eyes. Soon, Amanda arrived at Adam’s house with a present in her hand. She was shocked to see there was a grand birthday party that Kira had thrown.

“Stop humiliating Grandma!” Adam yelled at Kira. “Grandma! You’re finally here!” Adam ran towards her and hugged her tight. “I didn’t want to celebrate my birthday without you!” “Oh, honey!” Amanda ruffled her son’s hair. “Why didn’t you tell me you were having a huge celebration? I would have dressed better.” “Kira threw this party for me,” the teenager chuckled. “I just wanted you to be a part of it.”

Kira flinched when she saw Adam hugging Amanda and talking to her. She thought it was she who deserved Adam’s attention because she had arranged his birthday party. She could see how uncomfortable Amanda felt, so she decided to make things worse for her. “Amanda has never attended a glamorous party like this!” Kira laughed, grabbing everyone’s attention. “Her poverty never allowed her to wear good clothes or own a decent handbag. Just look at her! Such a poor, filthy woman!”

Amanda felt her cheeks heat up as everyone at the party looked at her old, dirty clothes. Embarrassed, she couldn’t speak a word in her defense. But it was Adam who spoke up on her behalf. “Kira, please!” he said. “She’s so poor she can’t even afford to throw a lavish birthday party for you, Adam!” Kira added, looking straight into Amanda’s teary eyes. “Stop humiliating Grandma!” Adam yelled at Kira. “Don’t you dare say another word about her! She’s already dealing with so much in her life!”

At that point, Kira stopped making fun of Amanda and walked away. She figured Adam would forget about everything once he opened her present. She was sure he would love it. Once Adam cut his cake, and everyone had snacks, Kira asked Adam to open the gifts. She made him sit with all the presents while everyone surrounded him, eager to see his reaction. “Mine first!” Kira exclaimed and gave Amanda a knowing look. “Open mine first!”

As Adam unwrapped Kira’s present, his friends gasped in shock. Inside the box was a gaming PC worth $10,000. He could never imagine buying such an expensive computer. “Thank you so much!” Adam hugged Kira gratefully. “I can’t believe you gave me such an expensive gift.” Meanwhile, Adam’s friends felt envious of him. He was now the coolest guy in the group because of his new toy.

After opening Kira’s gift, Adam looked at Amanda and noticed she felt uncomfortable. “Alright, I’ll open your gift now!” he said, smiling at Amanda. He unwrapped the gift and was shocked to see his grandfather’s fishing rod inside. “Oh my God!” he gasped. “I can’t keep this, Grandma. You know Grandpa never wanted anyone to touch it.” “He asked me to give it to you.” Amanda smiled. “Take a closer look at it.”

Adam picked up the fishing rod and found his initials beside his grandfather’s. He touched the letters and rubbed his fingers across them. “He engraved your initials himself,” Amanda said, holding back her tears. “This is the best gift ever!” Adam hugged Amanda. “I can’t believe Grandpa wanted me to keep his most prized possession!” “This ordinary fishing rod can’t beat the expensive gaming computer I gifted my grandson!” Kira laughed at Amanda. “All you could afford to give was your late husband’s broken fishing rod? That’s ridiculous!”

“Enough, Kira!” Adam yelled. Pointed his finger toward the exit, he added: “I want you to leave right now. And don’t forget to take your EXPENSIVE PRESENT with you!” “What?” Kira gasped. “Money can’t buy love, Kira!” Adam shouted. “But it’s sad you can’t understand this despite being so old and wise.”Kira felt humiliated and immediately left the party. Soon, all the guests left one by one until it was just Amanda and Adam.“I’ll walk you home, Grandma,” Adam said.

On their way back, they kept talking about Adam’s grandfather. They recalled all the things he used to say and how he would buy a birthday cake for Adam every year. “I miss him so much, Grandma,” Adam said once they reached Amanda’s house. “Why don’t we go fishing tomorrow? You can make those delicious egg sandwiches for me like you always did.” “That sounds like a great idea, honey.” Amanda smiled. “Come on, let’s gather the supplies we would need.”

Amanda took Adam inside the garage and asked him to pick up everything he would need. She gave him a bag and asked him to put everything inside it. Adam and Amanda woke up early the following morning and drove to their usual fishing spot. They sat in a boat, and using his grandfather’s fishing rod, he patiently waited to catch a fish. A few minutes later, Adam and Amanda saw Kira emerge from her car. “What’s she doing here?” Adam asked and looked at her from head to toe.

Instead of wearing her usual designer clothes and gold jewelry, Kira was wearing a worn-out pair of jeans and an old hoodie paired with rubber boots. Adam and Amanda thought that was strange because they had never seen her in such simple attire. “May I join you?” Kira asked Adam and Amanda. “Sure!” Adam smiled. Then Kira asked Adam if he wanted some non-alcoholic beer. “I can allow you to have half a glass of it,” she said.

Adam thought that was strange because she had never allowed him to have beer. She was always strict with him, reminding him to focus on his studies and participate in healthy activities like horse riding. Kira always thought Adam was wasting time whenever he went fishing with his grandfather. As Adam sipped the beer, it reminded him of his late grandfather. “Grandpa loved drinking beer whenever he came here,” he said.

A few minutes later, Adam left the fishing rod leaning against the boat while he ate sandwiches with Amanda. Suddenly, Kira saw the fishing rod move, so she darted toward it, trying to pull it back into the boat. As she struggled to get the rod back, she fell off the boat into the swamp but didn’t lose hold of the rod. Meanwhile, Adam and Amanda looked at her in shock. They couldn’t believe she wasn’t bothered about her clothes getting dirty.

“I caught it! I caught it!” Kira shouted a few seconds later as she pulled a fish out of the water. “Look at that fish!” Adam laughed when he noticed the fish was smaller than his index finger. “That’s so funny!” At that point, Amanda started laughing with her grandson while Kira looked at them with eyes wide open. However, seeing the tiny fish, she couldn’t help but laugh at herself. Kira enjoyed the moment instead of taking offense, which made her realize she needed to do that more often.

Later that evening, Kira invited Adam and Amanda to her house for dinner. She cooked a delicious meal for them and felt happy to be their host. “Where’s the computer you gifted me?” Adam asked Kira after dinner. “It’s in the other room, honey,” Kira replied. She was delighted to see Adam taking an interest in her gift. Once Adam left the dinner table to find his gift, Kira held Amanda’s hand and apologized to her.

“I’m so sorry for being rude to you, Amanda,” Kira said while she shook her head from side to side. “I never realized I was so cruel to you for no reason.” “It’s okay!” Amanda smiled. “I’m glad we can finally be friends!” What can we learn from this story? Money is not always the most valuable thing. Kira believed her grandson would love her gift, unaware he valued thoughtfulness and kindness more than money. She didn’t expect him to like his grandfather’s fishing rod more than the expensive PC.

Never judge people based on their appearance. Kira always mocked Amanda for being poor. She thought Amanda was a bad influence on Adam but later realized she was wrong. Share this story with your friends and family. It might inspire them and brighten their day.






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