Single Mom Faints after Manager Overworks Her for Weeks, Becomes His Boss Next Day – Story of the Day

An overbearing boss takes his widowed assistant for granted and overworks her every day for several weeks. Circumstances help her turn the tables on him after she passes out and wakes up to be declared his new boss. Alice’s colleagues thought she had an easy job. She was Mr. Colin’s secretary. “She’s just marching behind the boss with a tablet, scheduling meetings, and answering his calls…anybody can do that!” they grumbled.

But nobody knew the struggles Alice endured every day. Her boss overworked her knowing it was her only job. Alice never argued and completed all the extra tasks Colin gave her. The moment she sighed with relief after finishing one, he brought another to her table. Colin constantly pressured Alice with additional tasks. Some included the work he was supposed to do. She worked overtime and did not have the perks of the regular nine-to-five shift the others enjoyed.

Despite all the exhaustion, Alice decided not to give up on her job because of her fatherless daughter, Ayla…It was Ayla’s 14th birthday, and Alice had planned on leaving home early. She had promised to take her daughter out for dinner. Alice handed over a file and grabbed her handbag, praying Colin would not call her back. Unsurprisingly, he shouted out for her with another task.

“Alice, can you please update this report? It has some corrections…” Alice could not refuse. She logged back into her computer and completed her task. She hurried home later and spent a wonderful birthday with Ayla, but not for long. Alice was too exhausted, and it was evident. For the next few weeks, Colin pressured Alice with more work after her shift. He took her helplessness and talent for granted. Alice could not report Colin to human resources because he managed everything and everyone. There was nothing that could be done against him.

Do not take your subordinates for granted. You may never know who will be your boss one day. Alice worked hard and ran around the office, doing things for her lazy boss. Meanwhile, Colin sat back and relaxed. He would inspect the office premises randomly, spend long hours on phone calls, and pass on all his work to Alice. It was so easy for him!

One day, Colin informed Alice their CEO would be visiting soon. He wanted the office to be as kempt as ever. “I’ll be busy with inspections. So what I want you to do is…Here! Take these files and prepare a report for the next quarter. The calculations should be flawless. The deadline is four days from today, alright?”

Alice agreed and took the files home. Nobody knew she was overworking except for her close friend, Amanda, who was her colleague. The report was too complicated to prepare, and it was something Alice had not done before. It was entirely Colin’s work, and he was responsible for it.

Alice spent three sleepless nights getting the report ready. She put in her best effort to prepare it. The company’s CEO, Mr. Felix, paid a visit as scheduled on the fourth day.“Where is the report? Why is she late? Damn!” Colin grumbled. He marched behind the CEO to the conference hall.

Minutes later, Alice entered the office. She had missed her bus and taken a taxi at the last minute. “I made it on time, thankfully,” she panted and ran to Colin with the report. “You’re never on time. Let this meeting get over…” Colin frowned, grabbing the file from Alice. He handed over the report to Mr. Felix and smiled. “The report you asked for is ready, Mr. Felix!” he boasted.

“Amazing estimations there, Mr. Colin. Good job! Everything is perfect!” the CEO praised. Alice was disheartened. Her boss did not admit he hadn’t prepared the report and took all the credit. “Oh, that! It was so easy to run the math. I spent one whole night trying to figure out the estimations, Mr. Felix,” he bragged.

Colin wickedly grinned and sent Alice away with a stack of folders and some office supplies. “Keep them in the utility room,” he told her. Colin was afraid Alice would disclose to the CEO that she was the one who prepared the report.A few minutes later, Felix and Colin heard people shouting outside the meeting hall. They hurried to see what it was and saw staff assembled outside the utility room.

“What happened? Are you alright?” Amanda worriedly asked as she helped Alice get up. “I’m fine. I just fainted. I hadn’t slept the last three nights because Mr. Colin asked me to prepare that report. I did all his work, and he took the credit. I felt sick and passed out,” panted Alice as the CEO overheard their conversation. Moments later, he called Alice to his room. Colin was seated there. He was sweating and red with anxiety.

“Ms. Alice, did you prepare this report?” Mr. Felix asked her. Alice could not lie anymore and said: “Yes, Mr. Felix, I prepared this report.” But she was kind enough not to expose the evil side of Colin. Alice knew her boss was already in troubled waters and decided not to complicate things for him. “Alright! In that case, you will prepare all the reports for our company. And you are fired from this position, Ms. Alice!” said Felix, startling her. Then came the good news. “Mr. Colin, meet your new boss, Ms. Alice!”

The wide-eyed, terrified look on Colin’s face said it all. He was demoted. He pictured how bitterly Alice would get back at him for overworking her. But to his surprise, she taught him a sweet lesson instead. Despite being his boss, Alice never took Colin for granted. She respected their boundaries and did not overwork him. Alice treated Colin with the same respect and dignity she did when he was her boss.

Ultimately, Colin realized his mistake and apologized to Alice. “We are perfect when we learn to do our work without troubling others. Do not take your subordinates for granted. You may never know who will be your boss one day!” advised Alice as she shook hands with Colin, accepting his apology.

What can we learn from this story? Do not take others for granted. Colin overworked Alice and made her do all his tasks because he took her helplessness and talents for granted. Hard work never goes to waste. Despite overworking, Alice was determined to keep her job because she wanted to raise her daughter well. Her hard work was rewarded when she became her ex-boss’s new boss.






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