Woman who dresses like 50’s housewife says it’s her job to be stay at home mum

A woman who dresses like a 1950’s housewife and stay at home mum says it’s her job. Lisa Pontius, 35, from Charleston, South Carolina, has three young children with her husband Matthew, 40, a business owner. The couple say they follow traditional gender roles in the home, with Lisa picking up all the domestic tasks in the house.

Despite criticism, former entrepreneur Lisa absolutely adores her retro ‘50s and ‘60s style, but says it has made it harder for her to become friends with other mums. “I think the way I dress sets me apart from other mums my age, which is sometimes good, but can also be bad. There is always a way in which mums tend to dress, and I don’t dress that way,” she explains.

“I guess it makes it harder for people to approach me and make other mum friends. I have made a lot of friends through social media, I have found people who know me for me and I go through this route rather than off the street and on the playground.

She also considers herself a ‘modern feminist homemaker’ and says her full-time job is the best job she’s ever had. “I also loved being an entrepreneur before having my children, so it took me a while to settle into this role. It’s harder than what people think, it knocks your identity.

“I do believe women shouldn’t be made to be at home, but it is a job which has certain requirements and not everyone can do that, however it’s my favourite job I’ve ever had.” Though she admits the role of a traditional housewife may not be every woman’s choice, it was the right decision for her as, being able to support the home is just as important as bringing home a paycheque, she says.

“There is the need for domestic labour such as raising kids and managing the household is work that is needed to be done and it is a full time job,” Lisa says. “The reason me and my husband work so well is because of how we treat each other.

“I chose to be a traditional female housewife and homemaker and I believe I made the right choices for me – and I also understand this isn’t for everyone and women can make that decision for themselves and that’s what modern feminism is.

“It is important to be able to go out and get a paycheque and financially support your family, but so are all of the other things that need to be done in a home. If a woman is also a financial contributor, the labour in the home should be 50/50. The job you’re doing at home is just as important as going out and getting a paycheque.”






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